Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Importance of spoken English.

English as a universal language has become the key tool of globalization. The importance of English for International Business, depends on the number of people who speak it and for what purpose the language is spoken. But what matters most, is to understand how to use English language rather than just knowing it.

English is the perfect verbal communication medium for many governments around the world, and it is also well known in business, education, world news, health sector and communication. In many places such as Asia, Africa, and South America, the ability to learn English will determine who will increase their living standards, and who will remain in poverty.

Using English efficiently and leading a good life have much in common. The study of English constitutes much more than the technicalities of grammar, punctuation and spelling. Through basic and advanced courses in literature and composition, students are prepared to sharpen their reading and writing skills.

Careers in education have provided satisfying occupations for English graduates in the past and will continue to do so. However, the ability to handle language effectively and clearly is valuable in any occupation. In fact, the English major is invaluable preparation for many professional careers.

Many companies have discovered early in the 21st century that they can cut their costs of production by sending their jobs overseas. The proper term for this is outsourcing, or off shoring.

What magic outsourcing has done in India is there for everyone's eye to see.

In many countries where English is not the native language, one is considered highly educated if one can speak the language properly. It is almost indispensable for higher scientific and technological studies.

One will be presented with a number of career opportunities, and will have the option of staying home to work, or you can travel abroad.

Truly when you learn how to speak English, the opportunities are limitless!


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