Thursday, February 25, 2010

How to Ride Motorcycle Safely, How to Drive Motorbike Safely, Motorbike Safety Tips, Bike Safety Tips, Tips for Riding a Bike

Motorbikes or motorcycles is something which has become a part of our life. Riding a bike itself is such a felling that you sometimes tend to forget about the ever – increasing oil prices. And if you are financially capable to buy one then what to say you will try to get it on the very next day. But one very important question is not always answered or in other words - remains overlooked. AM I DRIVING SAFELY????

Lets talk in elaborately, while riding a bike & cruising through the wind, alone or with someone on the back, we tend to disregard that there are certain biking guidelines that we should follow for making it a safe journey.

All riders have different levels of driving skills. Inherent in the human species are differing capacities allowing some riders to achieve very high skill levels while others may possess skills suitable for normal riding activities, but not the obscure skills required for riding in heavy traffic or in off-road conditions. Knowing your level of skill is essential for safe riding.

Following are some must – know tips for your question “How to ride motorcycle safely?”

1) On the road, its your responsibility to ensure that you are seen at all stage. You should position yourself in a way that other vehicles will be able to see you properly. Riding with your headlight on at night at all times will improve your visibility to other drivers.

2) Riding with the mindset of “WHAT IF?” increases your safety margin by several notches. Just Suppose: You see a vehicle waiting at a street side. What if it pulls out in front of me? Or in a residential street, what if a child or a pet runs out in front of you?

3) Ensure that every intersection is clear (& will remain clear) before entering it, even when you have a green light.

4) Ensure that you leave enough space between your motorcycle & surrounding vehicles you need to have a way out.

5) Don’t ride next to parked vehicles unless it is absolutely necessary.

6) If a vehicle is trying to overtake you, move into the adjacent lane & allow the vehicle to pass. Self-safety should dictate this action as your exposure & vulnerability is great while riding a motorcycle.

7) Check your tires for proper air pressure, tread depth, cracks, bulges or embedded objects. Check wheels for dents, cracks and roundness. Check spokes for proper tightness or missing spokes. Check bearings and seals for signs of failure.

8) Always be conscious of your speed, ensure that cruising at high speed you have enough time to react, specially when it comes to wet, icy or foggy condition. Remember its better to reach an hour late to your destination instead of ending up in a hospital!!!!!!!!!!

9) Overtaking is something which gives you satisfaction, especially in case you’re stuck in heavy traffic. However, you should make sure that you’re always looking above your shoulder for seeing what individuals are doing behind you. Avoid overtaking near junctions or on bends and obey road markings.

10) NEVER allow a passenger to sit anywhere except on the area of the seat designated for a passenger.

11) Dangerous distractions while driving like cell phones, ipods, mp3 players or sighting some hot babe is a strict NO NO!!!

Knowing your riding capabilities & riding in a defensive manner will always make sure that you are safe & sound, irrespective that you are commuting to your office or riding for pleasure during off-duty hours.

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Always Drive Safely!!!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Why Do We Feel Cold, Feeling of Coldness, Feeling of Chills

Science has made humans to question. The world is full of mysteries which humans are craving to dig out. One such mystery is “Why we feel cold?” Researchers have found out that the reason of feeling cold is because of the presence of a protein that helps us sense and feel cold.

Neuroscientists at the University of Southern California have discovered cold fibers, strands stretching from sensory neurons near the spinal cord to nerve endings in the skin programmed to feel various kinds of cold.

Previous research had advised that cold-sensing neurons are specific, with some sensing painful cold sensations and others sensing more enjoyable ones.

But now, scientists have discovered that the fibers lead back to one place in the neuron: a protein known as TRPM8 that sends a cold signal up the spinal cord to the brain which is the reason why do we feel cold.

Researchers explained the phenomenon of a cold fibers in this way. When the dental practitioner chills a tooth with compressed air, the fibers relays a signal from nerve ending to sensory neuron. The neuron carries the signal to the brain, and the patient shivers.

A team of researchers genetically engineered mice in which neurons that express TRPM8 molecules also consisted a fluorescent tracer that lights up the fibers. The research shows that humans and other mammals appear to share the same chemical process.

By pursuing the fluorescent cold fibers, the scientists added to the grounds that TRPM8 is present in many types of cold sensing. In teeth, a specific nerve endings consisted in the initial shooting pain and the ensuing dull ache both lead back to TRPM8, researchers said.

Sensations such as the enjoyable coolness of menthol, the bite of ice on the skin, the increased cold sensibility after an injury and the soothing cool of some pain relief lotions also consist TRPM8, researchers said.

Taking out TRPM8 does not get rid of all sensitivity to all kinds of cold. Intense cold not only triggers TRPM8 but also burns the skin, turning on many other warning circuits.

So your higher cognitive centers are processing a cool signal and a pain signal, and so we get cold pain.

Its simple the presence of TRPM8 in out body which makes us sense cold.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Benefits of Almond Oil Massage, Almond Oil Uses, Almond Oil for Skin, Benefits of Almond Oil for Hair, Health Advantages of Almonds

Modern human's lifestyle has no doubt become more comfortable and easy. But on the flip side our lifestyle has invited a lot of health problems. So the intelligent human beings have decided to get rid of this health problems, no matter how big and dreadful they are. Be it using allopathic, homeopathic or the old and tested natural way of healing. Almond oil is one such “natural” way of healing from many health issues. Almond oil is great natural oil that aids to get rid of many skin related issues, particularly those who have dry skin type, almond oil is a pure natural ingredient to eliminate many dry skin issues. Almonds consists anti-oxidant properties and are also known as great anti-aging ingredient that enormously helps in decreasing early signs of aging as well.

Having almond oil is advantageous for digestive system. Just add a spoon of almond oil with your glass of milk or with juice. Drink this everyday. It keeps your body warm and assists your immunity.

Because almond oil spreads easily, is not greasy and does not engross into the skin too quickly; it is normally used as a "carrier oil" by massage therapists. Typically a massage oil will contain one carrier oil and one or more "essential oils" which are utilized to add pleasant scents to the oils. Sweet almond oil is also a great skin lubricant which is not priced high and has become widely accepted as the most popular carrier oil used in aromatherapy.

Consume almond oil as a digestive aid. Almond oil is advantageous to the digestive system because it boosts the numbers of advantageous bacterial in the stomach. This aids in digestion.

10-12 drops of pure almond oil consumed with milk is good for the brain. Syrup prepared from pure almond is also a good brain tonic. Pure almond consumed with milk gets rids of constipation also.

Almond oil has the same effect as cod liver oil and beneficial for people suffering from constipation etc.

Almond oil massage also aids in getting rid of dandruff. Prepare a mixture of olive oil with the almond oil. Leave to on about 5 minutes. After it starts to burn. Wash well.

Because almond oil aids to re-vitalize the fatigues cells and improve the blood flow that is why it is utilized to treat black circles around the eyes.

So hope this article has given you some sort of practical information on Benefits of Almond Oil Massage, Almond Oil Uses, Almond Oil for Skin, Benefits of Almond Oil for Hair, Health Advantages of Almonds.

Go Natural, Stay Healthy!!!

Monday, February 15, 2010

What's the Best Way to Stop Smoking, How to Stop Smoking Cigarettes, How to Stop Smoking Easily and Immediately, How to Stop and Quit Smoking Tips

Best way to stop Smoking, Best way to Quit Smoking, How to Quit Smoking Tips this are some of the question which smokers search in google. But discovering the potent method to quit smoking is not easy. The reason being the reaction of every person in a different way which leaves a very slight chance for someone to come up with the top-quality way to stop smoking that will aid everybody. The truth is that any smoker who wants to stop smoking should first have a solid reason to do so. It is not easy way to find the best way to quit smoking unless you trust in it. If you inquire some people in all likelihood you will receive 70% different answers, this proves that how tough it is to find out a way to quit smoking. So virtually everyone is bucked up to utilize whatever methods necessary to get rid of this problem.

Many people who smoke take the help of medications and discussion groups as the best way to quit smoking. There are people who select to alter their lifestyle, getting rid of the activities that boosts smoking. This is a great way to quit smoking in some cases however it may not work in all cases. Such decisions are a great way to stop smoking within a specific case, the chance to work the same way for another person is very less. In cases of some people there are optional ways to quit smoking, like spiritual practices that bring about inner balance and positive thinking. So if you want to opt for some sort of spiritual courses to regain your health, get all the information you can and don't forget to consult experts for such sessions.

For your information there is no medicine available which can instantaneously help you to quit smoking. There are also a group of smokers who although are trying to quit smoking but are not successful because deep down inside they don't want to because of various reason. One such reason is the weight issue. However the truth is that doctors have proved that overweight is more a metabolism issue that nicotine-connected one.

Determining the best way to quit smoking is a not easy for everyone, it can be find out more easily by people who have a stronger will power, this is the reason many discover stopping smoking the toughest thing they have ever tried, but for some its like trying to recover from some chronic disease with the confidence to stop smoking.

Hope this article has answered your questions like What's the Best Way to Stop Smoking, How to Stop Smoking Cigarettes, How to Stop Smoking Easily and Immediately, How to Stop and Quit Smoking Tips.