Thursday, January 17, 2013

Ramco Systems Twitter Case Study

Ramco Systems Twitter Case Study
Ramco systems, one of the most active Indian companies on Social Media sphere, is a world-class provider of adaptive enterprise solutions in the global market. This slidedeck on Ramco systems' twitter case study attempts to trace its winning strategy on the world's most popular micro blog.

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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Converse Facebook Case Study

Converse facebook case study
Converse Facebook Timeline
 A near to comprehensive case study  has been created which attempts to track the reasons behind Converse's success on Facebook, which is undoubtedly the biggest sneaker brand on Facebook.

A list of key take away of this Facebook Case Study:
  • Community engagement is an all important key to drive a roaring trade on Facebook
  • Attracting eyeballs is what you should be initially looking at and then build on the momentum
  • Give people what they want and they will return the favor
To read more please visit the slideshare presentation below:

If the slideshare doesn't open, you may use this link Converse Facebook Case Study.

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