Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Benefits of Almond Oil Massage, Almond Oil Uses, Almond Oil for Skin, Benefits of Almond Oil for Hair, Health Advantages of Almonds

Modern human's lifestyle has no doubt become more comfortable and easy. But on the flip side our lifestyle has invited a lot of health problems. So the intelligent human beings have decided to get rid of this health problems, no matter how big and dreadful they are. Be it using allopathic, homeopathic or the old and tested natural way of healing. Almond oil is one such “natural” way of healing from many health issues. Almond oil is great natural oil that aids to get rid of many skin related issues, particularly those who have dry skin type, almond oil is a pure natural ingredient to eliminate many dry skin issues. Almonds consists anti-oxidant properties and are also known as great anti-aging ingredient that enormously helps in decreasing early signs of aging as well.

Having almond oil is advantageous for digestive system. Just add a spoon of almond oil with your glass of milk or with juice. Drink this everyday. It keeps your body warm and assists your immunity.

Because almond oil spreads easily, is not greasy and does not engross into the skin too quickly; it is normally used as a "carrier oil" by massage therapists. Typically a massage oil will contain one carrier oil and one or more "essential oils" which are utilized to add pleasant scents to the oils. Sweet almond oil is also a great skin lubricant which is not priced high and has become widely accepted as the most popular carrier oil used in aromatherapy.

Consume almond oil as a digestive aid. Almond oil is advantageous to the digestive system because it boosts the numbers of advantageous bacterial in the stomach. This aids in digestion.

10-12 drops of pure almond oil consumed with milk is good for the brain. Syrup prepared from pure almond is also a good brain tonic. Pure almond consumed with milk gets rids of constipation also.

Almond oil has the same effect as cod liver oil and beneficial for people suffering from constipation etc.

Almond oil massage also aids in getting rid of dandruff. Prepare a mixture of olive oil with the almond oil. Leave to on about 5 minutes. After it starts to burn. Wash well.

Because almond oil aids to re-vitalize the fatigues cells and improve the blood flow that is why it is utilized to treat black circles around the eyes.

So hope this article has given you some sort of practical information on Benefits of Almond Oil Massage, Almond Oil Uses, Almond Oil for Skin, Benefits of Almond Oil for Hair, Health Advantages of Almonds.

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Karim Shah said...

Never knew almonds were so beneficial. Thanks for the information!

Chelsa Taylor said...

Really great information. Almonds have many properties which is beneficial for health. Also it has the great use in Massage.

samia hussain said...

nice post

Ali said...

This is amazing blog i never ever had seen earlier.. I like the way you share...
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Naturalherbs Solutions said...

Almond Oil has been very famous for its beautification capabilities and anti-aging properties. It's extremely flexible that you can believe it as one product that contains all the ingredients you need for skin care.

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