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Vedic Astrology Weight Loss Secrets

Vedic Astrology Weight Loss Secrets - Since ages, we humans have been fighting against odds like harsh and unpredictable climates, diseases, pollution, earthquakes and even tsunamis. Obesity or Overweight is one such menace which we have been trying to get rid off for many years. In our pursuit to shed off our unwanted fat, we have literally tried out everything, from diet plans to exercise programs, but for most of us, only disappointments and frustration seems to be destined.

Connection between Planets & Weight Loss

Fortunately, Vedic Astrology seems to hold the ultimate weight loss secrets which are not just affordable but also effective and credible. Although, the connection between weight loss and celestial bodies doesn’t seem to excite too many people, but expert Vedic Astrologers swear by the correlation.

A careful evaluation of a person’s Birth Chart can reveal all the factors and the determinants which contribute to one’s weight loss or weight gain.

According to Vedic Astrology, Jupiter plays a big role in weight related matters. Jupiter rules our tendency to retain fat in the body, obesity, excessive eating habit, muscles and bulging abdomen. If Jupiter is favorably placed in a native’s 6th house then obesity can never be a concern for the person; but Jupiter’s unfavorable position in a person’s Birth Chart can spell doom on his or her dreams of a perfect figure.

Vedic Astrology yardsticks also testify that Planet Mars represents energy, vitality and willpower. It energizes emotions and projects them outward in the form of desire. People with strongly placed mars tend to have athletic abilities, quick action, great stamina and even great physique too, but unfavorable placement of mars can considerably weaken the will power of the native, making it tough to attain his or her weight loss goals.

Similarly according to Vedic Astrology the placement of planet Moon also determines the native’s obesity levels. Since increased or abnormal water retention can lead to excessive weight gain and Moon being the ruling factor of fluids in our body, this connection seems to be quite convincing.

Other planets which govern our tendency to gain and lose weight are Sun, Saturn Mercury and Pluto.

Vedic Astrology Techniques for Weight Loss

Jupiter Homam: Performing this Homa can work like a miracle for people with weight concerns. It can not only be effective in dealing with the negative afflictions of Jupiter but also enhance its positive influences which can serve as your key to successful weight loss. The Homa should be done during Guru Hora on Thursdays. You can also recite this mantra, Om jhram jhreem jroum sah gurave namah.
Perform Jupiter Homam

Mars Homam: Performing this Homa can bless you with the required will power, patience, financial and mental ability to successfully embark on your weight loss journey. You can perform this Homa on any Auspicious Thithi that falls on Tuesdays and during Mars Horas. Mantra to be recited is Om kram kreem kroum sah bhaumaya namah.
Perform Mars Homam

Moon Homam: Moon Homa if done authentically can bless you with the ability to maintain the perfect level of water retention in your body. This Homa can be performed during Chaturthi and Pournami Tithis that falls on Mondays and during the Moon Horas. The suggested mantra to be recited is Om shram sreem shraum sah chandraya namah.
Perform Moon Homam


Pinky Kulkurni said...

Really nice article.I heard lot about vedic astrology and have met astrologer and came to know about moon in my birth-chart.

nivetha chandhru said...
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Astro Guru said...
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ketz said...

I hope that we can see some testimonials that this one really works. It's difficult to believe on this. Does this believe came from Middle East countries?

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p.k. said...

SHRI RADHEKRISHNA JI acharya ji.. very nice article.. m age is in early 20's n m vry over-weight.. please help me acharya g.. my rashi & lagan both are Virgo & i have sun, venus & rahu in 5th house & guru in 8th house, mars in 3rd house.. please tell me some astrological solutions..

meena cherukupalli said...

Dear Umananda garu,

Very interesting article, Thanks for posting this one. I guess one needs to perform this mantra or homam in parallel to the diet/exercise regime for effective results.

Can you please confirm how many times one needs to recite the aforementioned Jupiter/Mars/Moon mantras for visible results?

jhansi joe said...

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Panchrathna Gems said...

Wow, really informative and impressive post sharing. Thank you very much. Kalpana Srikaanth astrologer | Kalpana Sreekanth

nivedhitha reddy said...
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