Friday, January 8, 2010

How to choose a handbag?

Majority of the fairer sex don't understand that handbags form an integral part of their part dress up. Many a times, the dress, shoes and jewelries may show up well but choosing of a wrong handbag can ruin the entire fashion statement of yours.

So first and foremost be careful of the shape of the handbag your choose. Never forget that shape of your handbag should be exact opposite of your body type. In case you are lean and tall, a rounded hobo bag fits you best reason being it will very well complement your figure. In case you are voluptuous and short, a rectangular and tall handbag is the best bet for you.

Never forget that the shorter and rounder you are, the more structured the handbag should be. But avoid something quadrilateral and rugged. Square bags made of soft leathers, fabrics and other fluffy materials can serve your purpose.

Saying so don't worry much about finding a handbag that very much fits your body proportion.
There are many type bags available in the market to select from.

Athletic women may go for duffle bags which will enable them to easily slip in their running shoes into the tall shoulder bag that has a wide opening. Corporate women would prefer field bags which are flat top shoulder bags that are often closed with a buckle, snaps or clips.

Clutches, are perfect for formal events where you may feel the need to carry only a lipstick, your keys and a few cash. In case you are going to the grocery, a handheld bag can be more helpful for you. But you don't want to bring the same clutch you can go for something like a satchel.

So by now you as a reader would have got some sort of an idea on how to choose a handbag.


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