Monday, January 11, 2010

Importance of breakfast

Skipping breakfast is the worst diet mistake that many dieters do commit! They should understand the importance of breakfast.

Having breakfast re-energizes your body and refill your blood sugar levels. Very much like, for your car to run, you have to put gas in it. Breakfast is the gas that provides children the energy they require to last all day long. Breakfasts that constitutes protein, calcium, and fiber rev the metabolism, which, for most children, has been inactive for ten hours or more after a night of dormancy. Children who eat breakfast every day not only do better in school, but keep up,or even reduce body weight and reap the benefits of general good health.

Children who consume breakfast will most probably have better concentration, problem-solving skills and eye-hand coordination. They might also be more watchful and inventive, and less likely to miss days of school. Breakfast eaters also have superior muscle strength during the morning. Children who eat breakfast tend to have lower weights than those who skip breakfast. These kids also tend to be less hungry throughout the day!

Many dieters miss breakfast in order to 'save' the calories. This thinking is imperfect because studies prove that those who skip breakfast end up taking in MORE calories throughout the day compared to those dieters who start the day with a hearty meal. Missing breakfast sets your body up to feel hungry throughout the day. And as everyone knows, hungry dieters often make poor choices!

Missing breakfast also puts your kid's body in a mini-starvation mode. When the body believe's it is starving, it will do everything it can, to hold on to calories. First, the resting metabolic rate is lowered. This means that your child burns calories in lesser amount all day long. Second, the body starts to break down muscle mass for energy. When your child does eventually eat something, the food is instantly turned into fat to help last through the next 'famine'! This pattern sets your child up for weight gain and obesity.

On those days when the family sleeps late, have to-go breakfasts planned. Busy schedules run on the energy and nutrients found in a healthy breakfast. Fiber One bars, cheese sticks, or yogurt can be packed in a backpack and eaten on the bus or before class.

Preparation is the key to breakfast. When you know your morning will be hectic, plan your breakfast the night before. Don't hold back until the last minute.

This article on Importance of breakfast is vital specially for kids because he/she requires to have the most fruitful and happy day possible. So begin each day with a healthy breakfast!


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