Friday, March 26, 2010

Tips for Traveling While You Are Pregnant

Being pregnant is a wonderful part of a woman's life. And when she is blessed with a baby she feels 'complete'. She is elated with her great power to give birth to a new life.

But you must have heard of the statement in the blockbuster Hollywood movie “Spiderman”, “With great power comes great responsibility”. This statement very much holds true in case of expecting moms also who should act responsibly while being pregnant.

Specially when an expecting mother is traveling, she should take all possible precautionary measures to safeguard her baby and herself. She should well communicate and consult with her doctor before making any arrangements.

Below are some helpful tips for traveling while you are pregnant:

Access to Expert Medical Care: Make sure that you have access to expert medical care whenever you require it. An expecting mother should ensure her health insurance is valid and will cover her newborn, before she leaves home. Also inquire about the availability and proximity of medical help in the places you are traveling to. Don't forget to have a list of emergency contact numbers with you at all times.

Traveling By Air: When traveling by air, ensure you book a seat which is in close proximity to the restrooms. If you are going to travel for more than 2 hours or overseas its very much advisable to travel in first class which normally has ample space for you to move and stretch around.

Car Travel:
Ensure that the road you are going to travel in not bumpy or full of boulders. Also keep off from driving for long hours, if possible don't drive at all. If you are just a rider make sure you have well-timed breaks. Don't forget to wear your seat belt and also strictly instruct your driver to not exceed speed limits. Its better to be safe than sorry!

Proper Food Supply:
Its very important that you to have enough food supply with you, when you are traveling. Food like bread, pasta, or fruit is rich in carbohydrates are very much needed for a problem-free pregnancy. Even though you may come across several restaurants, but you may not like those foods, and you definitely can't afford to be in an empty stomach.

Third Trimester Precautions: Its best to avoid long trips specially if you are in your 'Third Trimester' because of the high possibility of premature labor. Its vital for you to consult with your doctor even if there is no emergency.

Finally in few words, you should double check and plan ahead just about everything before you book your trip. You never know what gonna happen during your trip.

Best of luck with your pregnancy and have a safe journey!

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